Ronnie was born and brought up in Mumbai, and has been dancing since 2008. He began his dance career dancing with crew Indian Hoppers and then as the whole crew split up, few of the members including Ronnie started off B1 Soul Crew in 2009 of which he is still a part of. His crew works with styles like Breaking,  House, Hip Hop, Pooping , Latin Street Styles like ( Salsa ) , Bachata & Kizomba.


He initially started with breaking, then moved on to learning Latin styles, and eventually fell in love with House Dancing. Ronnie has contributed to representing India in international competitions.


His aim is to make everyone fall in love with dance no matter what style and live it as if you’ll never have this moment again

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House dance is a Club Dance. Now it is called House Dance globally but the people back in the days used to call themselves club dancers. House music comes from Chicago and then later on it became popular from NYC. It initially came from disco and funk music. House is freedom. In class while teaching Ronnie focuses on Foundation, Technique to enjoy and feel the music.


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