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We are excited to announce our third world tour titled, Nritya Shakti Tour in Nov/Dec 2017. 

Nritya Shakti has successfully completed two world tours in 2015 and 2016 around the globe in the following cities: Singapore, Malaysia, Kolkata, Chennai, Paris, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Virginia, Raleigh, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Houston.

Tour '17 is a two day dance extravaganza, One of a kind dance event where participants will get to learn and compete in front of "Dance India Dance" winner turned Judge on popular TV show "Dance Plus" Shakti Mohan. Participants will register for two days of workshop with their favorite dancing star to learn Bollywood/Contemporary and Waacking. On the second day, post workshop we arrange a community event (ticketed) where we have students/participants enrol to perform and compete to be judged by Shakti Mohan to win Nritya Shakti trophy. 

Our vision is to provide an experience of a lifetime to our students to learn and showcase their talent in front of India's biggest dancing star Shakti Mohan. 

Please write to us if you are interested in associating with Nritya Shakti Tour '17.


Nritya Shakti Tour 2017-2018

4th & 5th Nov- Jaipur-Unbeatable Group- Hitesh & Ashish- 9928638810, 9783733436-

10th-11th Nov- Muscat- Kings United Academy for Performing Arts- Tejas Gupta-96897102549-

16th Nov- Bahrain- Bollywood Step Dance & Fitness Studio-Sushma Athilat- 17234560/ 33458390
19th-20th Nov- Mumbai- Fictitous Kings United Group-Shijin & Suresh Mukund- 8080996677-
25th-26th Nov- Pune- Achievers Dance Academy-9860441533, 8806680068-

17th Dec- Bangalore- Left Foot Right Dancers- 9886764104, 9845647312

23rd-24th Dec- Lucknow- Danceta Academy- Deepankar Tewari- 0522-4011892, 9919800337-

6th-7th Jan'18-Indore- Future Eye Events and Entertainment- Dinesh Kamdar- 8717982012-