Sonia is dancer and Pilates trainer with several fitness titles to her credit, she has been practicing Pilates for the last five years. Sonia is a certified Pilates Mat level 1 trainer and CrossFit Level 1 instructor. She holds a degree in Dance and is currently pursuing Personal Training from ACSM.

 When she isn't testing her core strength, you'll find her sprinting down the city streets or at a CrossFit box!

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Pulling off technically defining choreography demands that dancers have appreciable physical strength and defined core-muscles to enable ease of movement. Sonia creates a structure specifically designed for dancers, one that enables them to understand that movements must originate at the core, and then extend to the appendicular skeletal muscles. The target is to build a body capable of surviving long hours of choreography, as is demanded by professionals. Pilates with Sonia is a full body functional workout that helps you to prevent and heal injuries. Mat Pilates enables you to build strength, better your flexibility and develop lean and long muscles. Regular practice enables students to develop better posture and control over the core, apart from rectifying imbalances.


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