Somya Kautia is a graduate of the Professional Semester at Broadway Dance Center, New York. She started dancing at India Dans Theater, New Delhi, India in 2010, where she obtained a Diploma in Dance. Somya has a combined teaching experience of 8 years in Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary.

In the last two years, Somya has been intrigued to study movement more for which she did two intensives with faculty and artists from Europe. One was in Kamshet called ‘Moksha’ and Second one was in Paris, ‘The Paris Summer Academy’. Her recent study revolves around Contact Improvisation, for her it’s a beautiful tool of studying self through moving/interacting with other bodies and helps breaking out of similar movement patterns. She also loves observing compositions in space all the time, whether in a coffee shop or while travelling or at home which influences a lot of her creation and study. 


Somya believes that training in technique and learning how to move with music and space should go hand in hand. Most of her choreographies are developed through improvisation work.

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Somya takes an independent class 3 times a week and a collaborative class with Parth Sethi once a week. Her class is for all levels of students as she works around the study of movement with relationship to everything in space individually and/or together. She focuses extensively on decision making in time. One has to be prepared to be thrown into uncomfortable situations/tasks, which eventually helps students open up to a new side of self and be more confident. Her class begins with a warm up which is based on grooves and body articulation and is then led into solo/duet/group improvisations. It is suggestive to always have a diary and a pencil in class as it sometimes involves sketching and also for the purpose of taking notes. Students learn not only from the teacher but also from one another. Being aware and observing is very vital for progress and development in her classes. Somya adapts her syllabus as per the needs of the students, sometimes it just focuses on one's relationship with the floor or with another body and sometimes students find themselves working on building solo work in class.


MONDAY | 6-7:30 PM SATURDAY | 11:30-1 PM SUNDAY | 11:30-1 PM

CONTEMPORARY collab class with Parth Sethi


Somya loves to collaborate and in real sense also practices it through teaching where she takes a Collab class with a fellow faculty, Parth Sethi every week. This class involves understanding of music, movement and character combined. This class is also improvisation influenced and does not include choreography learning. Through her classes students are able to better understand how to exploit their freedom of movement. They also develop more strength, flexibility and mobility as there is no foundation of levels even intermediate students are able to challenge themselves with their growth.