Mukesh is a professional dancer with 9 years of experience in both learning and teaching students of all ages. He is trained from Split Sole Dance Academy and has received, professional dance training from Big Dance Centre, Summer jam dance camp in Singapore 2018 with 42 international teachers, Urban Dance camp India (UDTI), Yanis Marshall tour (india), house dance project personal session with Ejoy Wilson (one of the creator of house), Hip Hop Biegi with Ian Eastwood. Furthermore, Mukesh is the founder, leader and choreographer of Even Odds Crew and his motto is to inspire people through art and spread the real purpose of dance which is happiness.

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In this class you will learn a new vocabulary of movements. It is not just about physical training but also about mental training which involves understanding movement, foundations (grooves, isolation, fix points) musicality, originality and body awareness. Mukesh believes that understanding music and body are way more important than just doing steps or choreography repeatedly. Mukesh focuses on teaching intricate choreography as he believes growth takes place when you are uncomfortable. For him choreography is more like storytelling & music helps to interpret it, relating it to life. Class follows a structure of basic warm up, followed by foundation training and finally moves to teaching choreography.


WEDNESDAY | 6-7:30 PM FRIDAY | 6-7:30 PM