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Movement and Performance Conservatory is a 6 month Diploma Program aimed at educating dancers to become professionals in the industry. The program will focus on developing dancers with sound technique, versatility in movement, understanding music, independent approach to creation and distinctive performance ability. Training under this program involves theoretical and practical classes in all semesters. Students of this program would be appearing for an exam at the end of each semester. 


As a dancer, one’s physical ability defines their range of movement, control and balance. The first phase of the program would primarily focus on enhancing the dancer’s body.


As the program progresses, dancers would be taught how to adapt and perform different compositions, choreographies and phrase work. This stage would also involve learning and perceiving music from different perspectives of choreography.


In the final semester, dancers would be taught how to create solo, duet and group compositions. Along with that, they will be individually working on creating a piece under the guidance of a faculty mentor assigned to them.

The program consists of 3 terms:


1. Technique Training

2. Repertoire Work

3. Choreography Composition

The next batch dates - TBA


Topics Covered

  • Body Anatomy

  • Improvisation

  • Finance

  • Physiotherapy

  • Musicality

  • Choreography Scores

  • History

  • Arts Management

  • Portfolio Building

  • How to Audition 

  • Music Editing

  • Video Editing

  • Research

  • Directing Movement (Stage and Screen)

  • Presenting Yourself as an artist

  • Costume

  • Lighting

  • Set Design (Stage and Screen)

  • Character Building and Body Language

  • Ballet

  • Kathak

  • Fitness

  • Contemporary Techniques

  • Essence and Development of Grooves (Hip Hop)

  • Speed and Lines (Footwork and Whacking)

  • Flexibility

  • Floorwork (Flying Low)

  • Isolations and Animation

  • Shapes 

  • Art of Freestyle

  • Flow (Contemporary)

  • Patterns and Transfers (Hip Hop)

  • Performance and Projection (Jazz)

  • Movement Exploration

  • Textures and Music

  • Story Telling

  • Contact Work

  • Theme Study and Execution

  • Creating with Music

  • Designing, Mapping and Developing your own Idea

  • Group Composition



Dancers often stay limited to the training they receive and fail to associate it with their own ideas and beliefs.

This program will help you in bridging the gap between training and being a professional in the industry.

We believe that artistic creation originates from technique which is an integral part of growth, guided with a personal unique identity. This conservatory is designed to offer dancers and choreographers a space to explore and understand the art form as a professional. 

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