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Registrations open on 1st November 2023 and ends on 7th January 2024.


As a prerequisite, experience in any performing arts of at least 6 months is mandatory. 

How to apply:

1. Fill out the Application Form: ​

2. Pay the Application Fee Here: 


3. Audition Video:

  • Audition videos must be uploaded on YouTube, privacy settings should be selected as ‘unlisted’. 

  • Link of videos, along with a screenshot of the payment of the application fee should be emailed to with the subject 'MAPC - Jan 2024'

  • Videos must be available at least until 7th January 2024.

Audition results will be out on 8th January 2024.


​Audition video specifications:

  • Audition videos must be 2-3 minutes long 

  • You are required to submit 2 videos. One in which you are performing a choreography in your best style and the other should be a freestyle video. Both shot in one take, ensure that the videos do not have any cuts. 

  • Applicants should be visible in the videos, additional dancers other than applicants should be avoided. 

  • To gauge musicality, perform to unedited music.

Headshot Specification: 

  • Recent, recognizable, close up picture of applicant 

  • A clear contrast between applicant and the background

  • Image should be in high resolution

  • Only frontal view required 

Applications should be emailed to

*Please note: Application fee is applicable to all regardless of the outcome of the audition. Fees is non refundable.


Applications on and before 7th January 2024 (Early Bird): ₹ 1,66,800

Applications after 7th January 2024: ₹ 1,76,800

Fees can be paid in up to 6 instalments.

Prices are exclusive of GST. 18% GST is applicable on all prices*

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