Registrations open on 1st March 2021 and end on 17th May 2021


As a prerequisite, experience in any performing arts of at least 6 months is mandatory. 


To kickstart the application:

I Application Form: 

1. Fill out the application form attached below. 

2. Make sure the form is filled out completely, incomplete forms will not be entertained. 

3. Headshot should be attached to the form

II Audition Video:

1. Audition videos must be uploaded on Youtube, privacy settings should be selected as ‘unlisted’. 

2. Link of videos should be emailed to us along with the application form.

3. Videos must be available at least until May 2021. 


​Audition video specifications:

1. Audition videos must be 2-3 minutes long 

2. You are required to submit 2 videos. One in which you are performing a choreography in your best style and the other should be a freestyle video. Both shot in one take, ensure that the videos do not have any cuts. 

3. Applicants should be visible in the videos, additional dancers other than applicants should be avoided. 

4. To gauge musicality, perform to a track instead of editing in a track.

Headshot Specification: 

1. Recent, recognisable, close up picture of applicant 

2. A clear contrast between applicant and the background

3. Image should be in high resolution

4. Only frontal view required 

Applications should be emailed to

Each student will be assigned an end of program coursework on the basis of which they will be marked and certified. They would additionally receive feedback from each faculty they’ve trained under.


*Please note

This program is not to train dancers for competition, as this will only fulfil one goal. Competition is definitely an important aspect and training for the same requires specific training.


As this conservatory has a specific aim, we choose not to deprive the students from their wholesome training to be able to excel and succeed in this program.  


1st Installment: 50,000 by 6th June 2021 

2nd Installment: 31,640 by 4th July 2021

3rd Installment: 31,640 by 15th August 2021

Prices inclusive of GST*