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At Nritya Shakti, our faculty are our pride and joy. Each of our faculty bring a new perspective to dancing. They are carefully selected on the basis of their experience, research and teaching skills. They are all distinctively accomplished in what they teach.


Explore possibilities that you can create with your body in a guided improvisation class with Somya Kautia.

Take back a range of tools and techniques from her class to expand your in-depth of contemporary dance. 


Neeraj Lohani

Train and elevate in a technique training class by Neeraj Lohani. Class focuses on training the core fundamentals of Modern Contemporary.

Neeraj specialises in Cunningham, Jennifer Nugent (Release Technique) and his unique approach to phrase work.

Aric Master

The Exfloor Class with Aric Master is an immersive experience designed to deepen the connection between the dancer's body and the floor, fostering a holistic exploration of movement.

The fundamental area of Exfloor plays with the idea of a relationship of the body with the moving floor.



Dive deep into the rich history and cultural significance of an unique dance form.


Waacking roots in the 1970s LA scene, it's association with the LGBTQ+ community, and its emphasis on self-expression through arm movements.

Disco music adds another layer of energy and rhythm to the dance.


House Dance is a social street dance that was born on the underground club dance floors of Chicago and New York in the 1970's and 1980's.

A blend of music and movements such as footwork, grooves, floor work and much more. This balanced approach cultivates body flow, musical comprehension and confidence on the dance floor.



Immerse in expressive art form led by Jignesh Gambha aka PSY.

The class is identified by powerful movements of full body. With the set of vocabularies done, the class also focuses on engaging emotional aspect to the movement



Uncover the secrets of music while perfecting your dance. 

From music to body dance movements, dig into the fundamentals of both disciplines, merging rhythm and expression in a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

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Deep Soul

The Deep Soul's class fosters exploration and experimentation in movement, sparking new discoveries and Innovations within each practitioner. By aligning mind, body, and energy, participants rediscover and develop their innate human abilities such as will power, sensations, imagination, decision making, and intuition.

This class celebrates the infinite possibilities of movement and expression, recognizing dance as the epitome of freedom of expression.



Our dynamic Hip-Hop dance faculty, specializes in party dancing, vocabulary dance, and repetitive movement training. With his expertise, student groove to the beat, master intricate movements, and develop rhythmic precision.



The Jazz Technique class serves as a fundamental cornerstone for refining dancers' postures, lines, precision in movement, stylistic flair, character expression, and holistic stage presence.

With a keen emphasis on technique, the class hones skills in kicks, turns, jumps, leaps, floor traversing, and choreography, 

empowering students to cultivate their individual artistic journey.


Experience a journey of self-discovery through jazz and ballet technique training, and embracing a range of emotions like strength, vulnerability, and joy.


Connect mind, body, and heart as you move through warm ups, across the floor exercises, styling, and choreography.



The vibrant Bollywood dance faculty at our studio. Known for his electrifying performance projection and innovative fusion choreography.

Chinmay's classes are a celebration of movement, rhythm and cultural diversity.



Introducing Roza Rana, our Bollywood dance maestro, whose technical finesse and mind-blowing choreographies set the stage on fire. With a dedication to precision and an eye for detail, Roza's classes offer a unique blend of technical expertise and killer choreography.


Prepare to be dazzled as Roza leads you through intricate routines and unlocks the secrets to mastering Bollywood dance with style and flair



Meet Imran Mir, our visionary choreography teacher who specializes in street styles and fusion choreography. With a keen focus on mastering the fundamentals, Imran's classes are a journey into the heart of urban dance culture.


Get ready to groove to the rhythm of the streets as Imran guides you through dynamic movements and innovative fusion choreography, empowering you to unleash your creativity and own the dance floor like never before


Arvind Vastrakar

Step into the world of rhythm with Arvind Vastrakar, our master of footwork and choreography. Drawing inspiration from Chicago footwork, sturdy, hip-hop, and house dance styles, Arvind's classes are a dynamic fusion of movement and expression.


Get ready to groove to the beat as Arvind shares his expertise in footwork techniques, guiding you through intricate steps and electrifying choreography that will elevate your dance skills to new heights. 



Welcome to Leonel Sequeira's class, where movement transcends boundaries and expression knows no limits. Leonel, a one-of-a-kind mover, brings his unique approach to every session, captivating students with his unparalleled style and grace.


Prepare to be inspired as Leonel guides you through an exploration of movement unlike any other, where every step is a masterpiece and every moment is filled with the magic of dance. 



Experience the grace and beauty of Indian classical dance in Neha Mirajkar's captivating classes. As a devoted teacher of Kathak and semi-classical styles, Neha brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to every session.


Delve into the rich tradition of Kathak with its intricate footwork, mesmerizing spins, and emotive storytelling. Explore the nuances of semi-classical dance, blending traditional elements with contemporary flair. 



Step into the vibrant world of Afro dance with Shreya Shetty, where rhythm and culture collide in a mesmerizing fusion of Afro beats, Amapiano, Pantsula, Afro house, and more. Shreya's classes are a celebration of movement and diversity, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of African dance styles.


From the infectious grooves of Afro beats to the high-energy vibes of Amapiano, Shreya will guide you through dynamic choreography that will ignite your passion for dance and leave you feeling empowered. 



Step into the pulsating world of Dancehall with Anita Inda, where the vibrant culture of Jamaica comes alive through movement and rhythm. Anita's classes are a dynamic exploration of Dancehall, blending traditional Jamaican dance styles with modern influences to create an electrifying dance experience.


From the infectious beats to the expressive choreography, Anita will immerse you in the rich heritage and infectious energy of Dancehall culture

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Enter the world of ballet with a touch of whimsy in Sasha Shetty's class. Sasha brings the elegance of the Vaganova style to life with her unique blend of expertise and goofiness. From perfecting your pliés to mastering pirouettes, Sasha's classes are both disciplined and delightful.


Join us for a journey through the graceful movements of ballet, guided by Sasha's infectious energy and playful spirit.



introducing Meghal Gupta, our dedicated kids' dance faculty, whose passion for teaching shines bright in every class. With a nurturing approach and a knack for making learning fun, Meghal creates a supportive environment where young dancers can thrive.


From learning the basics of movement to exploring creative expression through dance, Meghal inspires her students to discover the joy of dancing and build confidence with every step.

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