"As an individual, Shakti is blessed with an extremely quick grasping power, which, coupled with her intelligence, makes her a strong all rounder. Focused and very hard working, Shakti would persevere until she would get something and get it right. What is note worthy is that Shakti is always pro active, seeking options and creating them when necessary, to better a situation, or achieve higher levels of progress for herself. Moreover, her honesty and commitment toward her work is commendable. Shakti was, is and will always remain one of my finest dancers, an exemplary student and an individual of great intelligence and skill.
-Terence Lewis
Artisic Director, T.L Inc
"I find Shakti Mohan to be one of the most talented and dedicated artists in her field.
-A.R Rahman
Music Composer
"You are tremendous..Shakti there is nothing in dance that you cannot do.
-Madhuri Dixit Nene
Indian Actress
"Shakti you are outstanding...You are a gifted dancer.
-Karan Johar
"Shakti...I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN...i think you are amazingggg.
-Parineeti Chopra
Indian Actress
"Shakti is a versatile and extraordinary gifted performer, highly regarded and well recognized in India. Shakti navigates easily between various western dance forms and traditional Indian dance forms, infusing each style with appropriate nuance, drama and maturity.
-Marin Leggat
M.E.L.D Danceworks, New york City
"Shakti is a beautiful and talented dancer, with a nice movement quality and a great sensitivity and intelligence in her approach to dance.
-Michel Casanovas
Contemporary Dance teacher ,France
"Shakti has become an icon for dancers in India and abroad. Zee Tv team found it easy to work with Shakti because of her professional attitude towards work. Her creativity and ability to apply knowledge in dance has helped her grow internationally.
-Punit Goenka
Managing Director & CEO ZEE TV
"Shakti Mohan is one of the most talented young dancer and choreographer of her generation in the world.
-Luke McMahon
Director, Collaboration Culture BBC World
"Shakti is the best indian dancer i have met.
-Javed Jaffrey
Indian Actor
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